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milagarcia on Aug 02 | 23 comments


How much should I pay for a custom writing essay if its quality is guaranteed? Will not this guarantee be a fraud? Well, rather natural and reasonable questions that may arise in minds of people.


As a rule, price is an indicator of company’s reputation and the quality of the products they provide. Now, let us talk about the sum of money you need to pay for an essay paper to find out whether there is or there is no fraud.


Should a qualitative product be pretty expensive or should its price depend on some factors? Your logics and intuition certainly prompt you that the second option is more correct. So, what factors play an important role when you pay for an essay writing?


The urgency of your order

In order to make a qualitative product right in time, essay writers should work hard and even more. Of course, such efforts should be reflected on pricing! So, before you pay for essays, make sure that the urgency of your order corresponds to its price.


The complexity of your order

Do thesis writing and essay editing cost the same? Does not it seem a bit shady to you? Before you pay for an essay, make sure that the sum of money charged corresponds to the complexity of its topic.


The academic level of your order

Of course, essays are such papers that can be assigned to students of all academic levels. How can you check whether their price is moderate before you pay for an essay paper? Well, just look through the information presented at the home page of the chosen company. If a dissertation is more expensive than a research paper or a coursework, the pricing policy of the company is ok. So, you may pay for an essay paper without doubts.


You can always be sure in the quality of custom essays we provide. Besides, our prices depend on the factors listed above. So, you do not pay for an essay with us but for the quality of this essay!


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