Neverwinter companion system can be used in dungeon

Neverwinter is vast and hostile. That's why adventurers are quickly accompanied by NPC comrades who help them get the job done. These camp assistants can be accessed from level 15 and are available to all players. offer you the best and fast service. Enjoy more fun within seconds Neverwinter Zen delivery.

Neverwinter role is simple, and these categories speak for themselves. The defender has the role of a tank to protect the player from monster damage. The controller is the ideal companion for players who don't feel enough control over the monster, such as slowdown or dizziness. The attacker provides support for the damage. They use techniques that can cause a lot of damage to help kill faster opponents. This is the ideal choice for players who want to improve overall dps. Leaders provide treatment, health rewards or armor to their members. Finally, companions who do not fight sometimes give harm, criticism or statistical rewards.
In addition to their categories, companions have four levels of quality: normal (white), unusual (green), blue (rare) and purple (epic). What is the difference between all these qualities? First, you must know that your peers gain experience with you. By gaining experience, he will be upgraded and he will have to train to verify the level he has won. Quality defines the highest level of a partner. Therefore, the highest level of white companions is 15, the number of greens is limited to 20, the rank of the Blues is 25, and the final violet reaches 30.

You can change the look of your partner at will by using 4 different models. The higher your partner, the more weapons and weapons he carries. It should be noted that the appearance of the partner does not change his ability. The button Summon allows to call his companion, and the dismissal is sent back. If you call another, you don't have to return a companion, this will disappear first. The more your NPC develops, the more equipment he can wear. For peers, the restriction on the level is invalid. Feel free to use 3 slots for your companions, but you can increase this amount at any time by paying Neverwinter Zen.

The particularity of the Neverwinter companion system is that they can be used in dungeons. In fact, each player can call his chosen companion in his PvE instance, regardless of their level. This allows them to experience, but also (and most importantly) give the group important assets. The basic companion that evolved in the example was the priest, because his ability to care greatly helped the player. Therefore, it is easy for his companions to upgrade: although the level 1 attacking partner will not do too much in the 60th level dungeon, he will quickly progress and become useful.


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