Restaurants are purchased using Cooking Gems and Coins you have earned

Once you complete level eleven, you will unlock the food warmer. This can also be upgraded with only coins. At level two, the food warmer can store two pieces of cooked, uncut tuna. Purchase this once it becomes available and then make sure you always have tuna cooking by swiping pieces into the warmers as soon as they're finished. Unlocking one more tabletop slot which costs 1,000 coins and two gems can also provide an additional storage space for any cooked food item.

The upgrades that reduce preparation/cooking times are the ones you want to buy first, such as the Cola Dispenser, the Burger Fry Pan and the Hot Dog Grilling pan. These reduce the amount of time you need to wait for the cola to pour or for the food to cook, which will become a huge help when you get swamped with people later on. If you are at level 37  at a restaurant, it may make sense to spend just a couple gems to buy more of the dessert/treat for that level instead of upgrading more equipment. The treats/desserts for each level are often a significant price point, such as 60 coins, so serving 1 or 2 per level is often enough to tip you over the edge to win.

Restaurants are purchased using Gems and Coins you have earned (or bought).  They each have kitchen equipment and interior items that have to be upgraded (also using Coins and Gems) in order to pass higher levels.  New restaurants become available as you increase your XP level.  But the most important thing to do is avoid buying a new restaurant just because it has become available!   Focus on increasing your XP Level, earning more Coins by replaying levels, and place a bet or two at the Casino. If you are you looking for more about Cooking Fever Coins for Sale check out our website

This will allow you to play the stages that you have played before and constantly gain as many coins as the stage gives you.  In addition, you can earn some additional experience points or gold stars that you will need in the future.  Getting additional experience points will allow you to be able to get access to additional content through leveling up so that you can continue playing Cooking Fever. As for interior upgrades, the logo above the door can be upgraded without spending gems. It will boost your tip time a decent amount once upgraded twice. The menu, aquarium, and juice bar all cost a small number of gems (in addition to coins) to upgrade, but provide a solid improvement to customer waiting time, which is extremely short without any upgrades. Upgrading all three will only set you back six gems and 3,000 coins.

Each unlocked restaurant earns you coins each day in the form of Daily Income. You will want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant. You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant. The Claim button is located under the Earnings block on each restaurant main status screen at the top right side of the screen.  Daily Income is available every 24 hours after you last clicked on the Claim button.  The icons above each restaurant will sparkle when Daily Income is available.


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