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Just a quick note to let you know that your external message indicators (that is the e-mail you get, if you choose, that indicates that you have received a message in Ecto) now includes the message body as well.

That means you don’t have to log into Ecto to read the message.  You still will have to log in to Ecto to respond to the message.

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Approached, Zhang Songcai found, the car number plate imitation diamond Sequin decorated.

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Do clothing business in Zhengzhou yesterday abnormal depressed Mr. Tang, who after the crash, find each other theories, on the car 150000 yuan in cash by others.While these cash, when he came from the bank was removed in 20 minutes.At present, Zhengzhou Jie Road police station on louis vuitton purses the investigation into the case.

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Bank money, way to sudden crash

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Mr. Tang said, he do clothing business in Zhengzhou.Yesterday morning, to a road near Zhang Weizhai bank took $150000 in cash, prepared to pay workers."At that time, I get 150000 yuan in cash all fitted to the bank gives the black plastic bag."He recalled, at 11 a.m., he carried 150000 yuan in cash out of the bank.

Mr. Tang to produce the withdrawal slip proof of its day, indeed from the Agricultural Bank of China branch in South Sanhuan extracted 150000 yuan in cash.

With the car Mr. Tang's sister said, she sits in the copilot position, mother sat in the back row.The money was put in it, the copilot seat between the gear armrest.After fetching money, brother drive ready to go back to the South Sanhuan nearby home.

When Mr. Tang driving along the Beijing-Guangzhou road about 400 meters, a sudden rush of silver van hit the back, "when my car Dodge, the front side of the tail into a van.After the crash, van did not stop, but to move on.I want each other to hit a car, also escape, will drive up."

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