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Resource is a type of materials that can be beneficial to your success as a distant learning student. The Resources I have provided will help you learn more about distant learning and what to expect. Resources are widely available and used especially in the classroom. Students use resources to show evidence of research or credibility of authors and more.  Resources that are provided below are those focused on helping students find credible and important resources in an online fully asynchronous project management certification course. There are several tips for those who are new to online learning and how they should adapt to promote success in the online course.



Distance Learning: NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources- This resource would be helpful for a new online learner because it defines distant learning, offers sources on distant learning content, general resources for distance learning. Also, Steele (2005) describes characteristics of students who choose distant learning and what distance learners need to know. A key concept for online students and those who are pursuing project management must practice good time management skills, a self motivated/paced learner, and technology competency to complete course work, use interactive web tools and/or modules. This resource provide several other resources that can assist a newly distant learner and services that distant learning can provide such as department information, how to log on to online courses, Online course information , learner resources, and more.

Another great resource for a new incoming distant learner is eCampus which a site provided by Northwest Florida State College, that illustrates several points on what is required of distant learning and what is expected of a distant learner. eCampus (2012) illustrates how distant learning classes require a great deal of reading. Students should be to understand written directions and reading assignments without face-to-face explanations from instructors. As a learner focusing on project management courses it is always important to understand written and reading material. A project management course depends on students reading information from discussion board and collaborative writing assignments and group activities assembling information into online resources. “The quality of distance education should be equal to that of a traditional classroom” ( eCampus, 2012). That is a very important tip for new distant learners because all information should be treated the same no matter the location of the course. Students should spend extra time studying information vs. the short periods of study in a traditional course.  eCampus provides relevant and  constructive tips cause all distant learners must be organized and persistent. If the student is unsure of their qualities as a distant learner eCampus provides a Distance Learning Readiness Assessment which I think is a very great concept.

The resource Goal Setting Guide by Arina Nikitina provides relevant and great tips for adult learners to succeed in distance learning. As a learner earning a certification or degree through distance learning should develop a time management strategy, make the most from online discussions, make asking questions useful in learning, stay motivated, and make connection with fellow students to stay and become successful in the online course.  Obtaining a certification in project management requires time, motivation, and fellowship of classmates and possessing those characteristics as new learner will help the student achieve their certification as well as, become knowledgeable and skillful.

S.I.D.E. Road – Success in Distance Education is resource available for learners to use before and during distant courses. This resource, to me, is a great source because it includes information, practices, a scavenger hunt, tutorials, and more. S.I.D.E demonstrates points on:

- Step by step instructions for technical "HOW TOs"
- Time management tools 
- Online helpdesk and phone support for LBCC DL students 
- Types of DL courses available in LBCC
- Skills for success: technical and time management 
- Equipment you need
- Choosing the right course for you
- Procrastination - learn methods to avoid it
- Success factors in DL courses
- Library resources and tools 
- LBCC online student services 
- Tutorials, practices, and interactive simulations


The points provided are all key points for any distant learner to become successful.  The scavenger hunt provided is a great tool because learners are asked questions .The tips provided are significant for a new distant learner and excellent upon providing feedback by conducting a scavenger hunt to gain and provide feedback for the viewer.

Montgomery college resource by Anthony Solano is a great tool for new learners to access information about online/distant learning due to several Online Learning- Step- by – Step tabs, Online Success, Basic Technical Skills, Academic Advising, and Career information, and Online Workshops. A tremendous amount of information is readily available for learners to access to gain control of their distant learning environment.  I think the Online Workshop and Career information is wonderful because learners have the opportunity to learn Career planning tools, how to pick a major, how to research careers, and Sigi 3(Web based career planning tool).  This is a magnificent resource because of the excessive relevant information which provides a guide of online success for new distant learners to adapt which includes Effective Online Communication , Evaluating Websites ,Internet Searching and ResearchingLearning Styles & Online Learning, and Online Academic Support,  Online Writing Support , and Potential Personal Barriers and more.


All resources provided are relevant and helpful tips for a new learner gaining a certificate or degree in distant learning. Taking initiative to make that step and choose what course is right is important and the resources that have been provided are helpful and will make a difference in your distant learning environment.





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