Outline for Project Management Course

-          Steps and Information that has to be covered to retrieve certification

-          Tools used to complete the online learning will be Wiki page &/or Blackboard

o    Wiki is a web 2.0 tool used for collaborative online writing assignments and group activities assembling information into online resources

o    Blackboard is a tool used for teachers and students to connect through emails, discussions, notes, & more.

  Students will be able to learn, become mobile, transact materials, collaborate with one another & professor, connect, and engage in all the learning put forth


Project management Module and steps below that will be conducted using a wiki page

  1. Project Management Framework
    1. What is a project?
    2. Understanding project life cycles
    3. Understanding project process groups
    4. Identifying project stakeholders
  2. Project Integration
    1. Project management integration skills defined
    2. Project charter
    3. Developing the Project Management Plan
  3. Scope Management
    1. Developing the Scope Statement
    2. Create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    3. Establishing the project boundaries
  4. Time Management
    1. Defining and estimating activity requirements
    2. Establishing activity dependencies
    3. Developing the schedule
    4. Monitoring and controlling schedule performance
  5. Cost Management
    1. Estimating project costs
    2. Developing the project budget
    3. Monitoring and controlling product/project quality
  6. Quality Management
    1. Defining and planning for quality
    2. Establishing project quality standards
    3. Monitoring and controlling product/project quality
  7. Communications Management
    1. Understanding the communication needs for stakeholders
    2. Defining the distribution process
    3. Communicating project performance information
  8. Human Resource Management
    1. Acquiring the project team
    2. Developing the project team
    3. Managing the project team
  9. Risk Management
    1. Creating a risk management plan
    2. Risk identification
    3. Assessment risks
    4. Developing a mitigation strategy
  10. Procurement Management
    1. Planning for procurements
    2. Selecting qualified sellers
    3. Managing contractual relationships

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to: