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  • Juan has decided he wants to perform
    community service. Which of the following
    activities would help him do this?

    pay taxes

    testify at a trial

    work part-time at a fast-food restaurant

    volunteer for the city park clean-up committee

  • Janet, who was just released from jail, has been
    accused of shoplifting. Because the courts are
    very busy, the judge stated that Janet’s case
    might not be tried for several years. According
    to the Bill of Rights, which of the following
    statements is true?

    The Bill of Rights entitles Janet to a speedy
    Because she is accused of a crime, Janet’s
    constitutional rights have been suspended.
    Because she has a criminal record, Janet
    will have to wait in jail until her case is
    Janet cannot be tried for a crime that is
    similar to the one she had served time for.

    created by State of Ohio

  • All of the following have contributed to cultural diversity in the United States EXCEPT

    religious freedom.

    immigration restrictions.

    economic opportunity.

    democratic government.

    created by State of Ohio

  • Which of the following is the main function of the judicial branch of state governments?

    to make laws

    to interpret laws

    to amend laws

    to administer laws

    created by State of Ohio

  • According to the map, which of the following was 50 miles north of Fort St. Clair?

    Lake Erie

    Fort Recovery

    the Ohio River

    Fort Greene Ville

    created by State of Ohio

  • Bob refuses to hire qualified people who are
    not the same ethnicity as he is. Which of the
    following is NOT true?

    Bob’s hiring policy is illegal.

    Bob’s hiring policy may lead to a boycott
    of his products.
    Bob’s hiring policy will ensure that his
    workers are paid higher wages.
    Bob’s hiring policy could result in his not
    employing the person most qualified for the

    created by State of Ohio

  • Bob is unsure whether he is qualified to vote in
    an Ohio election. Which of the following
    would disqualify him from voting?

    He is a naturalized citizen of the United States.

    He is a resident of another state.

    He does not have a full-time job.

    He has never contributed money to a political campaign.

  • As a newly naturalized U.S. citizen, Nilgun
    wants to be an active member of her new
    community. Which of the following activities
    is the best example of active community

    collecting signatures for a petition

    applying for a driver’s license

    checking out books from the library

    paying sales taxes at local stores

  • A local company is planning to build a toxic
    substance dump just outside the city limits.
    Which of the following people would be the
    best to consult to see if this is legal?

    the president of the company

    the director of the Environmental
    Protection Agency
    the executive secretary of the Chamber of

    the head of the city Parks and Recreation Department

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