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  • If you were an American businessperson trying to deal with a large Japanese company, which of these is most important to remember? (Base your answer only on the information in the article.)

    The only person you’ll have to convince is the company president.

    The leaders of Japanese companies don’t have anything to do with the foreign business of their companies.

    The Japanese appreciate the aggressive nature of many American businesspeople.

    It’s probably important to understand the different customs of Japan.

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  • The child telling this story said that the winter was boring. Winter probably seemed this way mostly because

    the family was alone and the weather was bad.

    the child telling the story had been used to city life.

    the books from Aunt Addie weren’t for children.

    the little school had burned.

  • The information in this selection best supports the idea that

    women's basketball is not as popular as men's basketball.

    basketball owes its popularity to the fact that it can be played in many different ways.

    the rules of basketball are easy to change.

    today's taller players have a negative effect on the game of basketball.

  • Which of the following BEST describes Miss Loloma?

    She always thinks Mondays are “blue.”

    She listens to her students.

    She likes to wear a blue cape.

    She enjoys singing songs.

  • Which sentence from the story is an opinion?

    David had a new baby sister.

    She lay in a bassinet in the kitchen.

    Everyone thought she was wonderful.

    Slowly David walked outside.

  • Which statement does NOT help prove that David is a mature and independent boy?

    He does chores by himself.

    He has a baby sister.

    His older sister doesn’t have to take care of him.

    His mother naps while he plays.

  • What do you think the author wants the reader to believe after reading this passage?

    Liming is a good solution to the acid rain problem.

    Better pesticides need to be invented to stop pollution caused by insects.

    Acid rain is a complex problem that we all need to be concerned about.

    We need to find alternative sources of water to replace polluted ones.

  • The information in this selection best supports the idea that

    most teenagers are too independent to be influenced by others about such things as their friends and their choices of cigarette brands.

    even though they have tried, researchers have not yet been able to pinpoint any of the reasons that teens start smoking.

    people who create cigarette advertising are very aware of how to influence teenagers.

    although tobacco companies spend a lot of money on advertising, it doesn’t really affect the buying habits of most American teenagers.

  • What provides the best evidence that Sam’s ankle is sprained but not broken?

    The pain was bearable.

    The swelling was going down.

    He was able to stand on it.

    He was able to sleep.

  • Which sentence below is true about the author?

    The author seems helpful.

    The author seems confused.

    The author seems silly.

    The author seems angry.

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