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  • At the end of this selection the author mentions flowers, birds and gophers. The author’s purpose in doing this is to

    contrast these creatures with the farm animals in the barn.

    provide readers with images of returning life.

    show how different spring is in Maine from spring on the prairie.

    symbolize the harshness of nature.

  • Which of the examples below contains the figure of speech called a simile?

    The snow was so deep and the cold so terrible.

    Daddy said it looked like a blizzard.

    The wind was howling like wolves.

    I was starving for something to read.

  • Sometimes an author makes something happen differently from what the readers expect. In literature this is called irony. Where in the story of Tasaku do you see irony?

    When Tasaku is a mountain and a stonecutter begins chipping at his feet

    When Tasaku made violent storms and flooded the fields

    When Tasaku demanded that the spirit make him into a mountain

    When the spirit who lived in the mountain heard Tasaku and made him a prince

  • The main character in the story is

    the new baby.




  • Which choice below is true about the plot in this story?

    The plot is about what horses eat.

    The plot is about a little horse who helped a new horse feel at home.

    The plot is about training horses to come to a whistle.

    The plot is about a farmer who loves horses.

  • The place where a story happens is called the setting. What is the setting for this story?

    A train station

    A place where people rent horses to ride

    A place with a very poor pasture

    A farm

    created by State of Oregon

  • The phrase “as acidic as lemon juice” is an example of

    a simile.


    an exaggerated statement.


  • The author begins this passage with a quotation. The effect of this is to

    create a personal touch in which smokers don't seem like mere statistics.

    convince the reader of the validity of the statements that will follow.

    give facts to readers about smoking rates.

    introduce the speaker as an authority on the effects of advertising on teenage smokers.

  • Given that this is an article about soda pop bubbles, why would the author tell the story about the men drinking champagne in the tunnel under the Thames River?

    To demonstrate the effects of air pressure on different liquids

    To show one reason why, even in Europe, people drink more soda pop than champagne

    Because the bubbles in the champagne are affected the same way as those in soda pop, so the example helps show how pop bubbles work

    It’s a funny story about bubbles, even if it doesn’t have much to do with the topic.

  • The author says that “the wine popped in their stomachs, distended their vests, and all but frothed from their ears.” This description is an example of

    a simile

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