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  • Which would most likely be true in a totalitarian system?

    Citizens enjoy great personal freedom.
    Political parties compete actively in national elections.
    There are few checks on the powers of the ruler.
    Private organizations have great influence on government.

    created by State of Oregon

  • Imagine that a person was convicted of stealing a candy bar and sentenced to 50 years in prison. He or she might challenge the sentence by citing the amendment about

    due process.
    cruel and unusual punishment.
    freedom of the press
    search and seizure.

    created by State of Oregon

  • Which of the following illustrates the idea of “checks and balances” that are part of the United States government?

    The President can veto a bill sent by Congress.
    The Speaker of the House of Representatives can be from any political party.
    Case rulings from lower courts can be appealed to higher courts.
    The Vice President succeeds a President who dies in office.

    created by State of Oregon

  • What happens to most of the bills introduced in the House of Representatives?

    They become laws.
    They are passed but then vetoed by the President.
    They are passed by the House but not by the Senate.
    They are never sent by committees to the full House.

    created by State of Oregon

  • What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights?

    To say how much Americans should pay in taxes
    To protect freedoms like freedom of speech
    To describe the jobs of the President and Congress
    To make Washington, D.C. the capital of the United States

    created by State of Oregon

  • Fred has become so disappointed with the politicians in office that he has decided not to vote. His friend Joe stops by Fred’s house on election day and tries to convince Fred to vote. Which of the following arguments can Joe use to convince Fred to vote?

    Voting is a responsibility.
    Voting is a requirement.
    Fred could lose his right to vote.
    Fred could lose his citizenship.

  • In 1970, a state government announced a program to reduce the number of highway accidents to less than 1,000 per year within 10 years. Based on the graph above, which of the following statements is most accurate?

    The goal of the accident reduction program was met.
    The number of deaths on state highways was reduced by almost one-half.
    Fewer vehicles were on the state highways in 1980 than in 1970.
    The accident reduction program reduced the rate of state highway accidents to below the national average.

  • Some teenagers in a city were concerned that many adults in the community did not know how to read and write. As citizens, they could take all of the following actions to help solve the problem EXCEPT

    lobby the school board for a night-school class for the adults.
    volunteer to teach at a neighborhood center.
    collect and donate books and writing materials.
    require the adults to attend literacy classes.

  • At a national political convention, the major function of the party is to

    register voters for the upcoming election.
    determine the role of public officials in government.
    select candidates for the upcoming election.
    evaluate the actions of public officials in government.

    created by State of Ohio

  • A newspaper interviewed four people and asked them to describe the kind of children’s television programs they would like to see added to TV. They gave the following statements. I. “I want programs that show children from many different countries and backgrounds so that children can see it is important to learn how to get along together.” II. “I’d like to see programs that focus on family values. The value of the family has to be stressed, whether it’s a family with a single parent or both parents.” III. “We need more current events shows for younger children. Kids need to know more about their world so they can learn to understand world problems when they grow up.” IV. “I’d like to make kids aware of the danger of drugs. A government report shows that schools with drug education programs have lower rates of drug abuse.” Which statement is supported with evidence?


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