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  • Fred has become so disappointed with the politicians in office that he has decided not to vote. His friend Joe stops by Fred’s house on election day and tries to convince Fred to vote. Which of the following arguments can Joe use to convince Fred to vote?

    Voting is a responsibility.
    Voting is a requirement.
    Fred could lose his right to vote.
    Fred could lose his citizenship.

  • In 1970, a state government announced a program to reduce the number of highway accidents to less than 1,000 per year within 10 years. Based on the graph above, which of the following statements is most accurate?

    The goal of the accident reduction program was met.
    The number of deaths on state highways was reduced by almost one-half.
    Fewer vehicles were on the state highways in 1980 than in 1970.
    The accident reduction program reduced the rate of state highway accidents to below the national average.

  • Some teenagers in a city were concerned that many adults in the community did not know how to read and write. As citizens, they could take all of the following actions to help solve the problem EXCEPT

    lobby the school board for a night-school class for the adults.
    volunteer to teach at a neighborhood center.
    collect and donate books and writing materials.
    require the adults to attend literacy classes.

  • A newspaper interviewed four people and asked them to describe the kind of children’s television programs they would like to see added to TV. They gave the following statements. I. “I want programs that show children from many different countries and backgrounds so that children can see it is important to learn how to get along together.” II. “I’d like to see programs that focus on family values. The value of the family has to be stressed, whether it’s a family with a single parent or both parents.” III. “We need more current events shows for younger children. Kids need to know more about their world so they can learn to understand world problems when they grow up.” IV. “I’d like to make kids aware of the danger of drugs. A government report shows that schools with drug education programs have lower rates of drug abuse.” Which statement is supported with evidence?


  • Betsy plans to vote in an Ohio election. Which of the following is a qualification she must meet in order to vote?

    She must pay a small registration fee.
    She must pass a literacy test.
    She must be a U.S. citizen.
    She must be at least 21 years old.

  • The following is from a newspaper article. Mayor Anderson and Mr. Marion were together Monday evening when Mr. Marion’s car was towed from a fire hydrant zone on Wolf Street. According to Geraldine Wayne, director of parking management for the City Transportation Bureau, businessman Arthur Marion has 179 unpaid parking tickets on file totaling more than $4,000 in fines. Marion, a close friend of Mayor Anderson, denied that he had any outstanding tickets. “I am unaware of owing any parking fines,” Marion said. “I am NOT the type of citizen who tries to avoid his responsibilities to the law. I am sure that the city is making a mistake.” Based on the article above, which of the following statements should be considered LEAST reliable?

    Mr. Marion’s car was towed away.
    Mr. Marion does not owe any parking tickets.
    Mayor Anderson was with Mr. Marion on Monday evening.
    Geraldine Wayne is the director of parking management for the city.

  • Which of the following actions performed by Louis is the best example of active service to his community?

    paying local taxes
    participating in a crime prevention group
    attending classes at a community college
    visiting a local recreation area

  • When Bryan went to the polls to vote for the Governor of Ohio, he was turned away. Which of the following would disqualify him as a voter?

    He did not register to vote.
    He was not born in Ohio.
    He will turn 21 a month after the election.
    He is not knowledgeable about the candidates.

  • Based on their arguments presented above, Senator Smith and Senator Jones disagree over which of the following issues?

    whether or not to raise the gasoline tax to help lower the national debt
    whether or not the gasoline tax should be used to increase Social Security benefits to low-income people
    whether or not to raise the gasoline tax to improve roads and bridges
    whether or not the country really needs to find new sources for funds to pay off the national debt

  • Carlo wants to vote in an upcoming city council election. Which of the following facts about him will NOT affect his eligibility to vote?

    where he lives
    when he was born
    his country of citizenship
    where his ancestors came from

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