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Videoconference Options

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  • What are the REQUIRED elements to conduct a videoconference?
     Scenario One:            Using a Webcam, projector, audio system and laptop

    Example one…             SKYPE (

    Features:          basic point-to-point (or classroom-classroom) use.

                Cost:                free (if you don’t sign up for optional VOIP (telephone) features.

    connection:       Ethernet connection to LAN

    Wireless connection can often work, but results have not been consistently acceptable.

    Application:      Excellent for person-to-person communication, also allows chat function. Results for group-group vary with the capabilities of the camera. Advantage – free, normally no firewall issues.


    Example two…            Polycom PVX software  (

    Features:          Support for H323 and H264 connection to “real” videoconference systems in museums, libraries, science centers, schools, etc. Designed for use with USB Camera (Avermedia document cameras work very well), projector and audio system.

    Cost:                Purchase price of software is < $106+shipping at

    Free trial. List price is $149 for single user license, or $10,900 for 100 user license. Nelson White price for single license is $130 (2/2008).


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