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Types of Learning Items (Content Types)

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  • A typical learning page may reflect a common linear approach, but there are many possible variations. One reason for this, as we mentioned earlier, is that there are many different types of learning items and content elements that a learning page can contain.

  • Ecto gives you a menu of content options for the various sections of your learning page. There’s a lot to choose from. You saw some of them in the previous example.

    Let’s run down the list.


    GRADABLE ELEMENT: These are elements that are either auto graded our you can attach a rubric to these item types.

    Multiple Choice Question

    Multichoice Question allows you to create variations on the traditional multiple choice format. Feedback/explanations can be crafted for correct and/or incorrect answers. The author can select Choose Best Answer or Choose All that Apply formats. Ecto automatically grades multichoice questions and creates reports using the Gradebook tool.

    Flashcards (coming soon)

    (coming soon) You can easily create multimedia flashcards in Ecto. These cards are a great option for language learning and many other subjects.

    Short Answer

    The Short Answer Question option allows you to create essay questions, which require the learners to free form type their answers. When the page is submitted to the teacher/owner for grading, the students answers are compiled in the gradebook tool and the teacher/owner can offer feedback/assessment.

    File Submit

    The File submit option creates a section of the learning page with a BROWSE button that the student uses to find a file on their computer and upload it to the teacher/owner. Use this option if you want the learners to create a report or some other type of document in another program or format, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.

    CONTENT ELEMENT: These elements are content types such as reading, listenening or viewing elements.

    Text & Image Content

    Use text and image content for sections that contain static content such as explanations, directions, or reading/viewing material. When you select this option you are able to create text and visual content using a rich text editor similar to Microsoft Word. You also have the option of cutting and pasting into this rich text editor from documents that you’ve created in MS Word, Notepad, and other similar programs.

    File Upload

    This option allows you to share files that you want to use on the learningpage. The files can be word documents, powere point files, picktures, movies or sound files, among others.

    Section Separator / Header

    Section separators allow you to create graphic elements that help to visually divide the layout of your learning page and make it more readable.


    EXTERNAL CONTENT: These are content elements that are created and maintained outside of Ecto but still can be used as integrated parts of the Ecto learning page.

    Web Feed (for exampele an RSS/blog feed)

    The RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feed option allows you to embed web content from another source that is encoded for RSS syndication such as a blog in your learning page.


    This option allows you to create a section that contains a video from YouTube. When creating the section you can choose whether or not to include the text-based summary and data that accompany the video on YouTube. To learn more about YouTube, visit


    This option allows you to embed Flickr photo albums in a learning page section. To learn more about Flickr visit

    Google Gadget

    This option allows you to embed a Google Gadget in a learning page section. To learn more about Google Gadgets visit w

  • Links:


    The resource option allows you to create links to external learning resources and include them in your content pages. For instance you might find a supplementary news article on the web or a relevant encyclopedia entry on Wikipedia.

    Page Link

    The page link option enables you to link elements of your content page to other pages. For instance you could create a page that is simply a syllabus with a list of assignments. You would use the page link option to link the items in the assignment list to the other content pages that formed the actual assignments.


    When you create content pages in Ecto you will be asked to include any copyright information for the content you use. We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service. Your profile and materials uploaded remain yours. However, if some of your pages are shared within your group, you agree to allow others to view and share your content. Ecto does not pre-screen content, and is not obligated to screen, refuse or remove content. However, Ecto does reserve the right in their sole discretion to refuse or remove any content that is available via the Service.

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