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Autel EVO Drone

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  • Autel is starting to make a name for itself in the drone industry, and for good reason. They make some nice drones with many features usually found on larger and more expensive drones.

    Autel began to compete with other big-name drone makers, in part because of the long battery life of the EVO series of drones. Autel claims the EVO II Pro can fly for up to 40 minutes with a 3-cell (3S) 7100 mAh Li-polymer battery.

    For those interested in aviation, GPS drones and their FPV counterparts are sure to get a lot of hype. As a drone pilot, I understand this. As someone who works in the age department, I remember the model airplanes I had as a kid and the skills needed to fly these types of aircraft.

    Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Mini 4K Drone

    If the drone crashes or the battery is completely damaged, stop using it. I know from experience that replacement batteries are sometimes difficult to find and most of the time they are expensive, but don't let that get in the way of flying the Autel EVO Nano drone safely.

    It would be very unfortunate, and potentially very expensive, if the drone crashes due to a damaged battery that is simply ignored to "get the job done".

    At that point, either fly or crash. It's that simple. If you're lucky, you might find some skilled pilots in the RC field, people who help you reduce crashes and actually learn to fly. For many of us though, it's just trial and error until you get it.

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