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choose your own adventure -fire safety example

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  • Have you ever read one of those "choose your own adventure" books? In a "choose your own adventure" game, the author tells the story up to a point and then the reader has to make a decision for the character. At that point the story splits off into different paths. "Choose your own adventure" stories are fun. They're also a great way to teach. With a "choose your own adventure" story you can create scenarios where the learner gets to make decisions.

    You could create a choose your own adventure game in Ecto. Just create learning pages and when you want the reader to choose what to do, use internal links.

    Here's a little example of what we're talking about...  

    Here's an example
    Create a "choose your own adventure game"
    Tommy and Tippy are bored 

    One summer day Tommy and his pal Tippy the Fire Turtle were feeling very bored.

    "Tippy, I am SO bored," lamented Tommy. "How about if we play with matches?" 

    "Dude..." Tippy replied, "would you PLEASE not tempt me. You know that's a bad idea and you KNOW I love playing with fire. How did I get stuck with you anyway? I'm supposed to be a good influence and you keep getting us in trouble."

    "Cut me some slack, turtle. You're lucky you've got a job. If you keep getting up in my mix, I'm gonna tell my parents. Now what are we going to do with our afternoon?"

    "Well," said Tippy, "on one hand we could watch TV, but I was thinking maybe we should sit down with your mom and make sure we have a good escape plan in case the house catches on fire."

    What do you want Tommy and Tippy to do?   


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