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Alkalizing Recipes

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  • Lentil Arame Salad (Heartland Retreat Center)

    1 c. arame, soaked                                                       ½ red onion, minced
    6 c. lentils, sprouted                                                    ½ c. chopped parsley
    2 c. celery, finely chopped                                         
    Soak seaweed approximately ½ hour or until tender.  Drain arame in colonder and throw away the water.  Place lentils, celery, red onion and parsley in a bowl.  Add the soaked, drained arame.  Add following dressing:
    4 T ginger, minced
    4 T Braggs
    4 T roasted sesame oil
    4 T lemon juice
                Blend ingredients; add Stevia if desired for
                extra sweetness
    note:  arame is a dried seaweed which you can find in your health food store.  In dried  form, looks like thin, black thread.  It is recommended that you sprout your own lentils so plan ahead 3-4 days before serving

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